Ultrasound examinations are performed on a daily basis at Horsemed SA. Ultrasound examination requires advanced equipment and at HorsemedSA we have numerous portable and hospital based ultrasound machines. At Morphettville Equine Clinic we are lucky enough to have a standing Mylab ultrasound machine (hospital grade) to be used for tendon scanning, chest, abdomen, pelvis and cardiac ultrasound at the clinic.

We have numerous individual ultrasound probes (convex, tendon and cardiac probe) to assess the different structures in the horses and the advantage of coloured Doppler, heart size and contractility measurement. We commonly perform ultrasound-guided biopsies using our state of the art ultrasound machine and it can also be moved into the surgical suite to assist our surgeons with various surgical techniques.

Abdominal ultrasound is a routine part of a colic examination. The ultrasound can be used to assess for abnormal fluid and gastrointestinal obstructions including small intestine abnormalities. It is an extremely useful diagnostic tool for assessment for colic surgery.

Thoracic ultrasound is useful for fluids and abscesses and to confirm a diagnosis of pleuropnemonia. Thoracic ultrasound can be used to assist in the placement of chest drains.

Portable ultrasound scanners at both Morphettville and the hills are available to assess tendons and soft tissue structures in racing stables and on properties. The HorsemedSA hills portable canner has a convex probe and this is extremely useful to assess chest and abdomen structures in the field and at our HorsemedSA Hills clinic.

Furthermore we have purchased two brand new portable scanners for all your reproductive needs. Reproduction services including AI (artificial insemination) and ET (embryo transfer) will be mainly based in the hills at HorsemedSA hills as well as on suitable propertie. Breeding pre-purchase examinations, occasional reproductive scanning and ultrasound for reproductive surgical conditions can all be performed at Morphettville.

Ultrasound, Morphettville Equine Clinic (Hills Clinic), South Australia

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