Endoscopy is an integral part of our day to day caseload at Horsemed SA. Upper airway endoscopy is performed routinely and regularly in racing stables and on client’s properties with safe and efficient portable scopes. At both Horsemed SA clinics there is the advantage of placing your horse in a crush and using video endoscopy which is state of the art endoscopy equipment and recording device.

Our video endoscopy accompanied by endoscopes of various length and diameter can to be used to investigate guttural pouches, sinuses, upper respiratory tract, oesophagus, stomach, pylorus, duodenum, bladder and urethra.

Our equipment allows us to undertake extensive diagnostic techniques to investigate specific medical and surgical conditions including guttural pouch infections, sinus cysts, pleuropneumonia, equine asthma, equine gastric ulcer syndrome and bladders stones as a few examples.

Our veterinarians are contracted on a yearly basis to magic millions to perform post-sale yearling endoscopy and are extremely experienced in providing pre and post yearling sale endoscopy advice.

Endoscopy, Morphettville Equine Clinic (Hills Clinic), South Australia

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