Hospital & Intensive Care

Our hospital provides stabling for up 10 horses including two intensive care stables for intravenous fluid therapy and around the clock monitoring. Intravenous fluid therapy allows us to provide large volumes of fluid to your horse when they are endotoxic, dehydrated or following surgery and they can still move around their box freely whilst the fluid is being administered.

With a large support system of veterinarians including two surgeons, experienced hospital nurses and stable staff we are able to provide the highest level of care for your horse. Our attention to detail is the key to our continual success in the intensive care area. Certain condition’s which result in your horse requiring intensive care include medical colic and post surgery colic, colitis (diarrhoea), pleuropneumonia and endotoxaemia (high temperature and infection). Neonatal foal care also requires around the clock monitoring.

Our cameras positioned over our intensive care stables allows us to monitor your horse at all times.

Hospitalisation and Intensive Care, Morphettville Equine Clinic (Hills Clinic), South Australia

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