Bectyl Oral Electrolyte Paste


Bectyl paste is a concentrated oral paste formulation of electrolytes, B-group vitamins and vitamin E to supplement the diet of performance horses engaged in strenuous exercise or during and after transport, where these nutrients may be limiting.


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The benefits of Bectyl:

  • Restores electrolyte balance –  Loss of large amounts of electrolytes can lead to dehydration, fatigue and subsequent poor performance. Bectyl helps restore this balance.
  • Scientifically balanced for rehydration and recovery –  Estimated sweat losses in performance horses can range from 10 L – 60 L per day. Bectyl helps to encourage drinking and provides key nutrients to restore fluid balance and aid in recovery.
  • Functional ingredients –  Bectyl contains B-group vitamins to assist efficient utilisation of energy; citrate to help buffer against acid and vitamin E to mop up dangerous free radicals produced during exercise to prevent muscle soreness and fatigue.
  • Convenient and palatable –  Bectyl’s apple-flavoured paste is conveniently packaged in a syringe, making it easy to take to shows/events or administer after racing.
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