Lameness Diagnosis


Equine lameness is the predominant problem in Equine athletic performance and we spend a great deal of our time examining horses for lameness, from the simple to complex.


For routine lameness and pre-purchase evaluations, it is ideal if the horse is currently in regular work and is well shod in all four feet.  They should also not have received anti-inflammatories in the past 48 hours.  


Lameness examinations often require hospital admission and close physical examination and flexion tests followed by multiple sequential nerve blocks to identify the site of pain.  Diagnostic imaging including digital radiography and static and dynamic ultrasonography is employed as indicated to provide an early and accurate diagnosis, optimising the likelihood of good outcomes. On occasion, your horse may need to stay overnight if the examination involves multiple limbs. 


We are able to offer a wide range of potential treatments specifically targeted to the patient's requirements.


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